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About I.M. Well

I.M. Well, short for Integrated Mental Wellness, is a program exclusive to Student VIP. With all the funding and mental health resources available on campus, the problem comes with directing students where they can get help to find answers in a way that works best for them. There is not one answer to address Mental Wellness.

I.M. Well integrates the various campus and community services for students by addressing the stigma around Mental Wellness, and then assisting students in navigating to the appropriate service, whether it be on campus, or around the community.

I.M. Well is based on the 4 principles of Preparation, Education, Integration, and Continuation, and we embody those principles in every aspect of our programming.

Under the I.M. Well umbrella, are various mental health services and programs including the Continuity of Care Strategy, Cultural Diversity Training, Mental Health First Aid, #MyDefinition Campaign and much more.

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